The Camp

The Camp

Nordic Camp was first seen on the Playa around 2008. The camp was small and was set up by a group from the Nordic countries, hence the name. Over the years the camp has grown and 2018 the camp had over 100 members from all over the world. The camp theme has been different from year to year, but the spirit is still the same.

Why Nordic Camp exist

One of the core functions for the Nordic Camp is to provide an infrastructure that facilitate participation of people living far from Black Rock City. We want to offer a safe space where the most basic physical, mental and spiritual needs can be satisfied. We want to create a welcoming place, where anyone can exist and thrive.

We’re a an intimate tribe. We’re all about ecstatic contribution, radical self expression and intimate connection. Nordic Camp is an ongoing experiment in the power of love, artistic expression, contribution, collaboration, compassion and exploration into our conscious evolution and ultimately the evolution of our human civilization.

We gather physically each year at Burning Man and beyond to manifest these intentions and express the possibilities of collectively realizing the fullness of these potentials.

What sets us apart

Nothing and everything set us apart. In a broad sense Nordic Camp is just a camp amongst others at BRC. However, Nordic Camp is also very much unique. Even though members come from all over the world, the Nordic spirit runs through the camp. An open, welcoming, warm and open minded energy is omnipresent in the camp. We focus on the mind and soul, the body and it’s needs. We create inclusion and participation through a relaxed atmosphere, massage, music and dance.

Who we are and what do we do

Nordic Camp is a collection of truly remarkable souls from all walks of life and from all corners of the earth. There is no way to describe us all in a document like this, but some things keep us together. In addition to the 10 principles, we are also bound to common values. The values guide our choices and actions and guide how we treat each other. As members of Noric Camp we are inspired to be iconic representatives of these values and agree to uphold them with our fellow citizens at Nordic Camp and on the Grand Playa:

Together we make synergistic magic happen by setting clear intentions and then surrender to the moment. Great collaboration happens when we focus on creating an environment that artfully maximizes the development of everyone inside it. We know that we can create so much more together than we can alone and seek to openly include the wisdom and diverse perspectives of our tribe when we leading, interacting, and making decisions.

We embrace ‘Ecstatic Volunteerism’ and look to enhance every environment we’re in. Nordic Camp understand that the camp is a refuge, home, and an oasis for its tribe. Our intention is to always allow Love and Respect to be our guiding principles in the way we treat each other. Our commitment is to harmoniously resolve any types of challenges or conflicts that arise and to seek to compassionately understand and then be understood realizing the underlying positive intentions that drives our actions. We ask ourselves ‘How can love live through me now?’

We have a profound curiosity about what empowers people and allows them to evolve. We look for and welcome opportunities to stretch our boundaries. One of the things that bonds our community together is our shared value in exploring the new story of humanity’s evolution and to be explorers of that leading edge. We do that through exploring evolutionary love, evolutionary relationship, evolutionary civilization, evolutionary entrepreneurship, evolutionary leadership, evolutionary sex, evolutionary masculinity, evolutionary femininity, evolutionary community, and more.

We celebrate beauty and creative expression in all forms. Nordic Camp and Burning Man is a unique place that encourages us to come out of our shell, let go of our normal social contracts and explore what it might look like to become the enlightened child who interacts and plays and expresses exactly who they are. We welcome creative expression in all its forms. We also look for and welcome opportunities to stretch our boundaries and push our edges.

There are no spectators. Everyone participates. There are no vendors (other than ice and coffee). Every must be radically self reliant and because of it being in one of the harshest locations on the planet we all must also band together and rely on each other creating an intentional community for the days we are there together. There is a special alchemy that it creates which makes it an incredibly transformative event like no other.

We look for and welcome opportunities to stretch our boundaries and push our edges.

And love is present in everything we do.

For a week everyone is able to create their own little utopia, and then back home decide how much of that utopia they are willing and able to incorporate into their own daily lives.

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